पीडीएफ़ मुद्रण ई-मेल
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Dr. Suneet Naithani, Chief Warden

For any general queries related to hostel, contact caretakers of respective hostel:

Boys Hostel

Rakesh Negi- 8077804137

Girls Hostel (Old)

Vimla- 9758034564

Girls Hostel (New)

Lakshmi- 9690663533

For any URGENT queries related to hostel, contact warden of respective hostel.

Boys Hostel

Dr. Sudhanshu - 9997410336,

Dr. Vipin- 9897958508

Dr. Nitin- 9719126552

Girls Hostel (Old)

Dr. Vaishali- 9760206658

Ms. Shubhra- 7417731855

Ms. Tanvi- 8979609080

Girls Hostel (New)

Ms. Yogita- 8178836894

Ms. Deepika- 9760370000

Source : Doon University