Dr Vipin Kumar Saini, Asst Professor

पीडीएफ़ मुद्रण ई-मेल

MSc (HNB Garhwal University), PhD(IIT Roorkee)

Email: इस ईमेल पते को संरक्षित किया जा रहा है स्पैम बॉट से ! आपको यह देखने के लिए जावास्क्रिप्ट सक्रिय होना चहिये ,  Ph: 0135-2533103

Area of Specialization : Materials Environmental Chemistry

Area of Interest : Development and characterization of nanomaterials for their environmental applications, such as selective adsorption of gases and vapors for separation and purification; adsorptive removal of emerging water pollutants, Valorization of wastes and by-products through Green Chemistry

Awards & Honours:

1. Awarded with FCT-Research Fellowship, (twice) 2011 & 2007, from Govt. of Portugal.

2. Awarded with DST-DAAD Fellowship, from Govt. of India & Govt. of Germany, 2003-2004.

Best Five publications in last five years:

1. Moisés L. Pinto, Vipin K. Saini, José M. Guil, João Pires, 2014, Introduction of aluminum to porous clay heterostructures to modify the adsorption properties Applied Clay Science, 101, pp 497-502 (IF : 2.467)

2. João Pires, Moisés Pinto and Vipin K. Saini,2014, Ethane Selective IRMOF‑8 and Its Significance in Ethane−Ethylene Separation by Adsorption Applied Materials and Interface (ACS), 6 pp 12093–12099 (IF 6.723)

3. Vipin K. Saini, João Pires, and Moisés Pinto,2014, Synthesis and adsorption properties of micro/mesoporous carbon-foams prepared from foam-shaped sacrificial templates, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 138, pp 877 (IF 2.259)

4. Suzana M. Andrade, Perumal Raja, Vipin K Saini, and Sílvia M. B. Costa, 2012, Polyelectrolyte-Assisted Noncovalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes with Ordered Self-Assemblies of a Water-Soluble Porphyrin, ChemPhysChem (Wiley-VCH), 13, pp 3622 (IF 3.419)

5. Vipin K. Saini, João Pires, and Moisés Pinto, 2011,Natural clay binder based extrudates of mesoporous materials: improved materials for selective adsorption of natural and biogas components, Green Chemistry (RCS), , 13, pp 1251 (IF 8.02 )

Ongoing Projects:

1. Improvement in indoor air quality (IAQ) using natural clay based nanoporous materials; UGC sponsored Major Research Project (Sanctioned in 2015)

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