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पीडीएफ़ मुद्रण ई-मेल


The genesis of design education in India was laid in the early sixties when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister invited eminent designers, Charles and Ray Eames to prepare a report on the kind of design education which India should have as a developing country. The seeds of design were thus sown and this report nucleated the study of design as a discipline to be nurtured as a creative work, which has a focus on form as well as, function. Today, design is an integral part of our growing society and part of day to day life. Design is a course that helps you to develop your creative and innovative skills. Doon University has started imparting design education on the pattern of leading design institutes through its School of Design from the academic session 2015-16, making professional design education available, at an affordable cost. The infrastructure and teaching is at par with other National Institutes imparting design education in the country through experienced design faculty.



The School of Design at Doon University offers Bachelor in Design degree. The School offers a four year program consisting of eight semesters. The teaching pedagogy lays emphasis on creative thinking and a critical analysis of the product, and has a hands-on approach to shape it. The focus is on nurturing the creative aptitude in each student and develop their ability to evolve in the process of problem solving. The emphasis at school is given to design education in relation to our eco-system and society that we live in as well as the environment, which we need to preserve. Aim is to turn out design graduates, who are 'industry-ready ' and have the necessary skills to be absorbed in different work arenas. Participation of industry professionals and solving industrial problems in the real work situation is the essence of design education at the School of Design. After a common foundation program, students will be required to pursue a three year specialisation, by choosing one of the Proposed Specialisation Like Product Design, Graphic Design, Animation Design and Craft Design. The curriculum of specialisation courses is developed on the basis of the market needs and hence is dynamic in nature. The specialisation will be offered in consultation with the student after an evaluation of performance and aptitude in foundation year.


• The School of Design is well equipped with spacious, projector-equipped studio and custom-designed furniture.

• There is a dedicated drawing studio with easels for live sketching classes.

• The material and tool workshop provides students with the opportunity to work with their hands, exploring a variety of different materials ranging from wood to thermacol, polystyerene sheets to plaster of paris, sheet material to various fibre boards.

• A devoted computer lab is provided to the students in School of Design to explore a range of 2D as well as 3D software, to enhance their visualization capabilities.

• Our well-stocked library has a large number of books and periodicals on design and related disciplines to help students build a knowledge base.

• Vast amounts of pin-up space is provided in all studios, labs and corridors in order to encourage and facilitate a constant dialogue between students, between faculty and students, and between the School of design and the entire community of Doon University.



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School of Design

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