Department of Spanish Studies

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The Department of Spanish Studies, under the aegis of School of Languages of Doon University started its academic offering since 2010. The Department primarily offers a five year Integrated Master of Arts programme in Spanish to those who have successfully completed senior secondary examination. Students have an option to seek an exit with a BA Hons. degree after successful completion of three years of learning Spanish. It also offers a lateral entry to the candidates who have a fair knowledge of Spanish language, literature, history and culture through the University’s entrance test to pursue MA in Spanish for two years. In addition to this, one year Certificate Course in Spanish is also offered to the professionals to meet their job requirements and to the general public to learn Spanish by choice.

Spanish, the language of Spain and Latin America, is one of the world’s most spoken languages and also one of the world’s most widespread languages. It is the official language of more than 20 countries around the world with its presence in five continents. It is also the second language of the USA. Spanish is also a language with a very rich Literature and Culture. The Department of Spanish Studies provides to its students a very broad perspective and understanding of the world we inhabit as Spain and Latin America that has played a very crucial role in shaping the world. The Encounter between Europe and the American Continent that happened under Spanish patronage in 1492 transformed the world. It started the process of Colonization of the world by Europeans which of course had many devastating effects but that was also the beginning of a more interconnected world which has today reached its peak with Globalization. Spanish is a language that has moved across continents and through its long history has been enriched. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Learning Spanish, therefore, offers a very wide range of opportunities in a very diverse context around the world.

The Department of Spanish Studies at the Doon University, with a very well researched and constantly updated curriculum, intends to cater to these contemporary needs. The faculty aims at incorporating the most modern techniques of teaching of language, literature and culture at BA level with use of communicative and interactive exercises. At MA level the faculty aims at developing a deep sense of analysis of the significant issues pertaining to Spain and Latin America by encouraging students to carry out an original research work. There is a very well equipped Multi Media Lab with audio-visual facilities in the classrooms. Classroom teaching is blended with workshops, seminars, games, interactive sessions, cultural activities etc. The Department constantly engages with scholars and experts from the field of Spanish language, Spanish Literature, Latin American Literature, Spanish and Latin American history and politics, Translation of literary texts from and to Spanish. Over the lastacademicyears the Department invitedeminentscholars like Professor S P Ganguly (retd.) from JNU, Dr Meenakshi Sundriyal from JNU, Dr Lucia Caminada Rossetti from Argentina, Professor Carlos Varona, Director of the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi, many Erasmus Mundus Multi-ELE scholars from JNU, Professor Anil Dhingra (Faculty Adjunct in the Department) from JNU, Professor Minni Sawhney from the University of Delhi, Professor Sonia Surabhi Gupta from JamiaMilliaIslamia. The Department also engages itself in an intellectual exchange with other departments within the School of Languages by organizingSoL-Dialogue, SoL-Screen and variousacademicactivities. It offers a course called Hispanic World: Culture & Civilization to the students of other departments within the School of Languages. It also organizes cultural activities from time to time to encourage the interdisciplinary and communicative approach of learning. Annualcelebration of DiadelLibrois one such event. Students read, recite, act, sing and participate in various cultural activities organized during this event.

The Department prides itself in the very well placed students from the passed out batches. Students have secured jobs in academia, tourist sector, embassies and renowned MNCs. The Department also envisages national and international collaborations in near future.

The Department tries to equip its students to develop academic as well as professional skills. The list of courses below reflects the idea that to earn a Masters Degree in Spanish would mean not only learning to use the language with competence in a variety of situations but also gaining knowledge about the socio-cultural evolution of the Spanish speaking people around the world.

Courses Offered

Course Code

Course Title



BA Semester I


SLS - 101

Everyday Spanish I



SLS - 102

Spanish through audio visual I



SLS - 103

Grammar in practice I (Level A1)



SLS – 104

Introduction to appreciation of Spanish Literature  (in English)



SLS – 105

Spanish History & Culture I



BA Semester II


SLS - 106

SLS- 106 Everyday Spanish II



SLS – 107

Spanish through Audio-visual II



SLS – 108

Grammar in Practice II



SLS – 109

Introduction to appreciation of Latin American Literature II (in English)



SLS – 110

Spanish History & Culture II



BA Semester III


SLS – 201

Introduction to Literature I (focused on Spain)



SLS – 202

Grammar in practice III (Level A2)



SLS – 203

Communicative Spanish I



SLS – 204

Written Expression I



SLS – 205

Latin America: History and Culture I



LEL – 440

Hispanic World: Culture & Civilization I (Elective Course)



BA Semester IV


SLS – 206

Introduction to Literature II (Focus on Latin America)



SLS – 207

Grammar in Practice-IV



SLS – 208

Communicative Spanish-II



SLS – 209

Written Expression-II



SLS – 210

Latin American History & Culture-II



LEL - 441

Hispanic World: Culture & Civilization II (Elective Course)



BA Semester V


SLS – 301

Reading and Analysis of Texts on Spanish Themes (Literary and Non- Literary)



SLS – 302

Translation of Commercial and Social Science Texts



SLS – 303

Spanish for Specific Means-I



SLS – 304

Contemporary Spain



BA Semester VI


SLS – 305

Reading & Analysis of Texts on Latin American Themes



SLS – 306

Literary Translation (Into English)



SLS – 307

Spanish for Specific Means-II



SLS – 308

Contemporary Latin America



Course Code

Course Title


MA Semester I


SLS – 401

Spanish Literature: Middle Ages



SLS – 402

Theory and Practice of Translation: Commercial &Technical Texts



SLS – 403

Cultural History of Spain



SLS – 404

Introduction to Linguistics



MA Semester II


SLS – 405

Spanish Literature: Golden Age



SLS – 406

Literary Translation (Into Spanish)



SLS – 407

Cultural History of Latin America



SLS – 408

Introduction to Theories of Literature



MA Semester III*


SLS – 501

Spanish Literature-I: Enlightenment, Romanticism & Realism



SLS – 502

Latin American Literature-I: Focus on 19th Century



SLS – 503

Introduction to Interpretation. Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation



SLS – 504

Applied Linguistics with reference to Spanish as Foreign Language Teaching



SLS - 505

Research Methods for Dissertation



MA Semester IV*


SLS – 506

Spanish Literature-II: Focus on 20th Century



SLS – 507

Latin American Literature-II: Focus on 20th Century



SLS - 508

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation



SLS – 509

History of Ideas: Latin America & India



SLS – 510




*Number of courses offered is 4.

Faculty members:

The following members are teaching in the Department of Spanish Studies. Besides, several Senior Professors keep visiting the department.

Sl. No.


Area of Specialization


Ms. Mala Shikha, Assistant Professor

Spanish Literature: Middle Ages & Golden Age, Reception of India in Latin American Imagination, Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language


Ms. Swagata Basu, Assistant Professor

Migration, Identity and Nationalism in Literature and Culture of Spain and Latin America, Contemporary Spain and Latin America (Society and Politics), Spanish literature of 19th and 20th century


Mr. P K Mangalam, Assistant Professor on contract

Spanish & Latin American Literature and Translation


Ms Tanya Narang, Guest Faculty

Spanish Language & Literature


Ms Ana Rived Singh

Spanish Language


Dr Anil Dhingra, Professor Adjunct

Translation, Interpretation, Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language


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