Department of German Studies

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Teaching of German in Schools and Universities in India has already completed hundred years. At present German studies are being carried out at several universities in India which is catering not only to research initiatives by the German as well as Indian governments, but also to the requirements of several German multinationals which have their strong and effective presence in India. Besides, Germany and India share a lot of linguistic and philosophical affinities. This particular background and a rare combination of several factors pave the path for the learning of German language and study of German linguistics, literature and philosophy at Doon University. Students pursuing this field of studies get a lot of opportunities to work at multinational corporations as well as academic institutions. Our academic program thus prepares students on the one hand for pursuing higher studies and on the other hand offers a blend of academic, research as well as employable skills.

Department of German Studies which is among the first three Departments (the other two being Chinese and Spanish) to constitute the School of Languages at its inception in 2010, through its outreach and teaching activities wants to create alumni of socially, culturally, academically and philosophically aware, capable and conscious professionals who would not only bring good name to their alma mater but also set examples of success and satisfaction in their respective sphere of life.

The Department offers an M.A. (5 years integrated) in German for those who have completed senior secondary examination. Studentshave an option to seek an exit with a B.A. (hons.) degree after successful completion of 3 years of study. Apart from this, candidates with a fair knowledge of German language, literature and culture can also seek admission through university’s entrance examination for lateral entry at the 4th year level for an M.A. in German. For professionals, students from other streams and language enthusiasts Department offers one year Certificate Course in German. Other than these three degree courses department offers an elective course “Structure and Functioning of the European Union” which is spread over two semesters for its own as well students from other departments of the School of Languages.

Apart from the regular class-room teaching students are exposed not only to several kinds of extracurricular activities, but also academically they often get a chance to interact with German natives and several eminent scholars in the field of German Studies from India and abroad. Prof. Dr. Rajendra Dengle and Prof. Dr. Sadhana Naithani (both from JNU) are at present Adjunct Professors in the Department. Besides in the past few years it has been visited by Prof. Dr. V. Ganeshan (EFLU, Hyderabad), Prof. Dr. Rekha V. Rajan, Prof. Dr. Chitra Harshvardhan, Prof. Dr. MadhuSahni, Prof. R.C. Gupta (JNU, New Delhi), Dr. M.S. Joshi, Dr. Rosy Singh (University of Delhi), Dr. Swati Acharya (University of Pune), Prof. Dr. Heinrich P. Kelz (Bonn, Germany), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Braungart (Bielefeld, Germany), Prof. em. Dr. Harald Husemann (Osnabrueck, Germany), H.E. Mr. BerhardWrabetz (Ambassador of Austria to India), Ms. Puneet Kaur (Max MuellerBhavan, New Delhi).

Department of German Studies has a MoU with the University of Osnabrueck, Germany. Students take part in an annual essay writing competition organized by the DAAD and several of them have got an opportunity to visit Germany for one month long university summer course with the help of a DAAD-Scholarship. Severalstudentstaught in the KendriyaVidyalaya and some of them are teaching in a few prestigious schools in and around Dehradun. A good number of our students have found placement in MNCs like Amazon, Concentrix, Oracle, and Wipro etc.

Some of the employment avenues for students passing out after their M.A. (5 years integrated) in German are:

  1. They can work for the German process of severalmultinationalcorporations, such as Amazon, Concentrix, Dell, Oracle, Symphony, Sapient, Accenture, Thomson, SAP, IBM, HP, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Genpact, Tech Mahindra, Deutsche Bank etc.
  2. They can work as German teacher in several schools/colleges/universities after acquiring further degree/qualification as the case may be.
  3. They can work as freelance translators and interpreters.
  4. They can also work with the embassies/consulates/cultural & educational organizations/foundations of German speaking counties (mainly Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Since German Studies in India is more than 100 years old, our vision as a new Department is to create and foster greater synergy among the various centres of German learning in India so that the benefits reach everyone and to continuously establish newer tie-ups with various institutions of German speaking countries which are huge cultural,economic and philosophic power houses not only in Europe but much beyond this continental boundary. Learning of German could open up several avenues in life.

Doon University being a state university, the Department is proud of its regional identity and aims to fostergreaterrelationshipbetween Uttarakhand, the youngesthill-state of India and all major German speaking countries. Students learning German at Doon University can help in this pursuit by being ambassadors of India for the big academia, industry and tourism sector of the German speaking countries. Keeping this particular vision in mind we have an updated and need based syllabi which are not only practically but also academically very helpful and suitable for students.

Courses offered:

List of Courses

Course Code

Course Title


BA Semester I

SLG - 101

Everyday German Language and Culture – I


SLG - 102

Standard German Grammar – I


SLG - 103

Textual Comprehension and Recitation – I


SLG – 104

German through Audio-Visual Aids – I


SLG – 105

India and Germany (in English) – I


BA Semester II

SLG - 106

Everyday German Language and Culture – II


SLG – 107

Standard German Grammar – II


SLG – 108

Textual Comprehension and Recitation – II


SLG – 109

German through Audio-Visual Aids – II


SLG – 110

India and Germany (in English) – II


BA Semester III

SLG – 201

Advanced Structural Study of German – I


SLG – 202

Written Expression (Aufsatzkurs) – I / Oral & Written Communication – I


SLG – 203

Contemporary German Speaking Countries/Germany in Europe – I


SLG – 204

Introduction to the Study of Literature – I


SLG – 205

Cultural History of Europe – I


BA Semester IV

SLG – 206

Advanced Structural Study of German – II


SLG – 207

Written Expression (Aufsatzkurs) – II / Oral & Written Communication – II


SLG – 208

Contemporary German Speaking Countries/German in Europe – II


SLG – 209

Introduction to the Study of Literature – II


SLG – 210

Cultural History of Europe – II


BA Semester V

SLG – 301

History of German Literature – I


SLG – 302

German Linguistics – I


SLG – 303

Introduction to Translation – I


SLG – 304

Social and Cultural History of German Speaking Countries – I


BA Semester VI

SLG – 305

History of German Literature – II


SLG – 306

German Linguistics – II


SLG – 307

Introduction to Translation – II


SLG – 308

Social and Cultural History of German Speaking Countries – II


Course Code

Course Title


MA Semester I

SLG – 401

Introduction to Theory of Literature – I


SLG – 402

Theory and Practice of Translation – I


SLG – 403

Specialized Study of Literature – I (Critical Study of a genre)


SLG – 404

German History through Films and/or Texts


MA Semester II

SLG – 405

Introduction to Theory of  Literature – II


SLG – 406

Theory and Practice of Translation – II


SLG – 407

Specialized Study of Literature – II (Critical Study of a genre)


SLG – 408

Writing Techniques/Writing a Research Paper


MA Semester III

SLG – 501

Introduction to Philosophy – I


SLG – 502

Interpretation – I


SLG – 503

Texts of German Literature – I


SLG – 504

Dissertation (Preparation of Research Proposal/Plan)


MA Semester IV

SLG – 505

Introduction to Philosophy – II


SLG – 506

Interpretation – II


SLG – 507

Texts of German Literature – II


SLG – 508

Dissertation (Final Writing)



Faculty members:

At present teaching of various courses at various levels in the Department of German Studies is being discharged by the following five faculty members:

Sl. No.


Area of Specialization


Mr. Chandrika Kumar

Representation of India in German Literature (Poetry), German Literature of the period around 1800, Genre Studies, Teaching of German as a foreign language (DaF)


Ms. Jaspreet Kaur Layal

German-English translation and Interpretation, Children’s & juvenile literature


Mr. Alok Prasad Naithani

German Language & Literature


Ms. Yogita Arya

German Language & Linguistics


Ms. Prashali Khanduri

German Literature & Philosophy of 20th century

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