SENR Events/Activity

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Swachh Bharat 27th August

Teachers’ Day 5th September

Teachers’ Day Celebration came as a surprise party thrown by students of SENR they showcased their different talents like singing, stand-up comedy, acting skills. Dr.V.K. Jain V.C. Doon university joined Students for cake cutting ceremony and gave a motivational speech for students. Savanna Khatun student M.Tech 3rd Semester made handmade cards and presented those cards to all the teachers. Hidden Talent of teachers singing came as a surprise to all. On this day NMHS recruits and new students of SENR introduced themselves, this Teachers’ day was important because it takes a step forward in breaking the ice between communication of new students, seniors, and teachers.

Himalayan Day 9th September

Himalayan Day like every year was celebrated in University with more enthusiasm and involvement of students this year; it was a two-day celebration. Day one started with the participation of students in a poster drawing competition where students presented their different artistic skills and the day ended with a nail-biting Quiz and cheering by the protagonists of different Schools of the university. On the 9th September, the day started with Speech competition where the students' point of thought showed how important the celebration is for the multitude of Himalayan states who are contending with the bad weather and facilities. Dr. V. K. Jain V.C. Doon University, received the Chief guest Shri Harish Rawat CM Uttarakhand, Guest of honor Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna, Smt. Vimla Bahuguna and Dr. S. P. Sati (Professor  HNBGU).

On this, Occasion Dr. S. P. Sati expressed his opinion of the Himalayas. He said that Himalayan geography has shifted over the years and its conservation is in the hand of its own people. After this, Dr. Kusum Arunachlam professor, Doon University gave her views on Himalayan geology, Climate change and its effect on biodiversity. Doon University students and others present took the Pledge to save the Himalayas and to conserve its heritage. Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna supervised the pledge. Shri Harish Rawat CM Uttarakhand shared his views on Himalayan culture and custom. He got down to his memory lane and remembered the good times when they were not facing these crises in the Himalayas. At last Dr. Dobhal concluded the program with a vote of thanks.

Ozone Day 16th September 2016

Blood Donation Day 1st October

Workshop on Cultivation techniques of Medicinal and aromatic plants 28th November 2016

On 28th November 2016 a workshop was organized by SENR of Doon University under the project funded by HRDI. The theme of the workshop was focused on cultivation techniques of Medicinal and Aromatic plants, nursery development, large scale propagation and linkage development with the market.In this workshop problems related to cultivation, market linkage, post harvesting techniques and marketing of target species such as tulsi, aloe vera, satavar, amla, Tez Patta, Chamomile was discussed. An Expert from a diverse background related to agriculture and MAP sector were invited for interface with farmer group representatives from Almora, Tehri, Dehradun Districts. Mr. Mayaram Uniyal from Himalayan drugs, Mr. Mahendra Chauhan from Centre for Aromatic Plants(CAP), Mr. Pradeep Bhandari from Centre for technology and development, Mr.Kamleshwar Singh from Adhaar society, Dr. B.P. Maithani were keynote Speakers.

Shramyog  21st December


Shramyog is a nonprofit organization working on spreading awareness about conservation of natural resources, biodiversity, rainwater harvesting and weather monitoring. Dr. Ajay Kumar and Mr. Shankar Datt explained the working of Shramyog and their various ongoing program. They were invited for the interaction with researchers of the NMHS project so that it is easy for researchers to reach people as Shramyog is working at a grassroot level and have formed organized group. This meeting was conducted so students can volunteer with this organization and NMHS researchers can be helped with their field selection.

Source : Doon University