School of Languages (SoL)

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School of Languages-

Since its inception in 2010, the School of Languages at Doon University has been an emerging trendsetter not only in Uttarakhand but also outside the state. Our five-year integrated Masters programmes in various foreign languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish), draw students and scholars from all across the world. Our two-year Masters programme in English is rapidly gaining ground, becoming a force to reckon with. The five-year integrated foreign language programmes have the added advantage of giving students the option to exit after completing three years of graduation for a Bachelors degree. Likewise, those having a requisite background in the respective foreign language may opt for lateral entry at the two-year Masters level through an entrance exam.

The School aims at research and development at an inter-departmental level under the aegis of SoL-Dialogue, SoL-Screen and SoL-Expressions. It prides its internationally trained and research oriented faculty, state-of-the-art Multimedia Laboratories as well as Memorandums of Understanding with European universities and international educational bodies. Academic support is also drawn from various prestigious institutions such as Jawaharlal Nehru University,University of Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia in form of academicians' regular visits for workshops, advisory committee meetings and as adjunct faculty in various departments.

Our extremely efficient Placement Cell at both the School and University level has helped students get placements in reputed companies, the ever-demanding tourism sector as well as academic institutions. A large number of students have been the beneficiaries of foreign scholarships.


Department of Chinese Studies-

In the past few decades China has emerged as an economic power and being our neighbor and one of India's biggest trading partner it becomes all the more important to understand China. Learning Chinese can open a whole new world of opportunities. Department of Chinese, Doon University has made a name for itself in the past five years. The students are taught a well designed curriculum which is regularly updated according to the needs of the time and has components of language, literature, culture and history. The Department aims to emerge as an important centre for Chinese studies by organizing workshops, seminars and other academic and cultural events.


Department of English -

The Department prides its intensive classroom teaching and seeks to organize seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposia on a regular basis. The curriculum, carefully planned and thoroughly researched, is constantly updated. The teachers, actively involved in research and publication, mentor students towards developing a keen edge in issues and theories of contemporary significance. It is also associated with inter-disciplinary intellectual activities with other language departments within the School of Languages as well as the University at large. A recent Guest Lecture by the very erudite Prof. Saugata Bhaduri, J.N.U., organized by the department and attended by the entire School as part of SoL-Dialogue, is an example.


Department of French Studies-

A recent addition to the School of Languages, Department of French dwells upon the extensive teaching and learning of language, literature, culture and civilization of France and Francophone nations through a mosaic of workshops, seminars and cultural activities. Apart from English, French is the only other language to be spoken in all five continents. Considered the language of culture, diplomacy and international relations, the knowledge of French opens the door of employment in the world's number one tourist destination, the number three destination for foreign investment and the fifth biggest economy, France. The Department is deemed to collaborate with Université de Liège, Belgium in the  upcoming semester.


Department of German Studies-

German Studies in India is more than 100 years old. Department of German Studies at Doon University may be a new addition to this field but it has fast found a significant place by offering an updated curriculum. The curriculum contains apart from imparting skills in language and translation, study of literature and culture of German speaking countries; history and philosophy in a broader European framework. The department is regularly visited by esteemed professors from India and abroad. It already has an MoU with a German University. Several students have achieved scholarships to visit Germany and many have been placed in companies and academic institutions.


Department of Japanese Studies-

In the backdrop of paradigm shift in bilateral relations between India & Japan, Japan has become India's “Global & Strategic Partner” in recent years. Indo - Japan relation has been described as the “Most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century”. The Department of Japanese Language was introduced from academic session 2013-14 with the aim and vision to impart Japanese Language skills to meet the emerging demand of the future professionals in this field. Academic qualification and proficiency in Japanese language opens the gate for career in sectors such as tourism, hospitality, embassies, international organizations, defense, education, interpretation and translation work in MNC's and govt. organization etc.


Department of Spanish Studies

Learning of Spanish has gained a lot of prominence recently in India given that it is spoken in 23 countries of the world and largely due to the ever developing bilateral ties between India-Spain and India-Latin American countries. A well researched curriculum of the Department of Spanish is a great blend of academic and co-curricular activities which envisions the holistic growth of the students that prepares them for the professional world like the embassies, MNCs, tourism industry, government organizations, translation sector, education etc. The Department also envisages collaborating with the University of Salamanca, Spain and Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi in near future.


Department of Hindi and Department of Local Languages

With the increasing importance of Hindi language as a global language of communication and business the University has proposed to establish a new Department of Hindi with a focus on language and literature along with historical cultural aspects. The Government of Uttarakhand has taken a policy decision to safeguard and promote regional languages -Garhwali and Kumauni and to establish Department of Local Languages in Doon University. The Department of Hindi will be integrated with the Department of Local Languages. The Department shall offer Innovative Masters programme in Hindi, P.G. Diploma programme in Translation Studies. The University is seeking support from UGC for the establishment of this new Department.



Important notice of Viva for MA students

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