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Library Resources:


The Library has a moderate collection of books, which includes textbook, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. The collection is focused on the courses studied at university. The books are available in both the section of the library for study. For collection building, the library is following a focused collection development policy which covers all areas studied at the University.

To search the Library database and access your library account click OPAC (username & password required)



The List of newly procured titles can be downloaded from here:

[November-2015], [December-2015],

[Jan-2016], [Feb-16], [Mar-16], [Apr-16], [May-16], [Jun-16], [Jul-16], [Aug-16], [Sep-16], [Oct-16], [Nov-16], [Dec-16]

[Jan-2017], [Feb-17], [Mar-17], [Jun-17], [Jul-17], [Aug-17], [Sep-17], [Oct-17], [Nov-17], [Dec-17]

[Jan-2018], [Feb-18], [Mar-18], [Apr-18], [May-18]


-Print Journals and Magazines:

The Library subscribes to a total of 74 scholarly Journals and Magazines (40 Journals and 34 Magazines) covering a wide area of subjects, these are available for study in the Reference Section of the Library.

For A-Z list of Magazines, please click here

For A-Z list of Print Journals, please click here

-E-Resources subscribed by the Library:

The Library also subscribes some electronic journals to support the research and teaching activities of the University. At present the electronic access of 21 e-journals of SAGE publication, 07 e-journals of NISCAIR and 02 e-journals of Indian Academy of Science is provided to the users, we are also receiving the print subscription of these journals. These e-journals are accessible to every user through university INTRANET.

For A-Z list of e-journals, please click here

-E-Resources under UGC e-ShodhSindhu Consortium:

A MoU has been signed by the University and UGC-INFLIBNET under which the University has received the access to the

following full-text e-journals and databases;


For an A-I list of e-journals received through INFLIBNET, please click here
For a J-Z list of e-journals received through INFLIBNET, please click here

For a Subject-wise list of e-journals through INFLIBNET, please click here



To make the user aware of the latest information and activities of different fields the Library is subscribing all the major Hindi and English Newspapers.

For A-Z list of Newspapers, please click here


-Bound Volumes of Journals:

Bound Journals Volumes are the most valuable treasure of any academic library, the Central Library also understand this fact and accordingly maintaining different back volumes of journals, these are available in the reference section of the library.


The library is maintaining a number of CD-ROMs, in its circulation section, the majority of these are received with different books. These CD-ROMs contain software, design, data table, exercises, problems and their solutions, projections/maps, and the like. Apart from these, there are a number of CD-ROMs useful for learning different languages.

Library maintains these CD-ROM with the help of CD-ROM equipment, a title and subject wise index is also maintained for the easy retrieval of CD-ROMs.


Source : Doon University