Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Associate Professor

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M.A. (Patna Univ),  M.J. (H.S. Gaur Univ, Sagar), Ph.D. (B.R.A.B.U., Muz.)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,   Ph: +91-8126301529

Area of Specialization : Media Studies & Electronic Media Production

Area of Interest : Political economy of communication, Media economics, Communication for development & social change, Mass media and society

Awards & Honours:

1. DG Doordarshan “Appreciation on record” for Development Communication project, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Award for productions for a Health Communication campaign.

Best Five publications in last five years:

1. Kumar, R. 2016. ‘Interlocalization’: Can India be a party to the process? Global Media & Communication, 12(3), 259-274 (Sage Publications, London, UK).

2. Kumar, R. 2016. ICT uses by 14–20-year-olds in India: Imperatives of parental intervention.  Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture, 7: 2, 197–216 (Intellect UK).

3. Kumar, R. 2018. Cyberbullies, Bullying, and the Young in India. In Richard West and Christina S. Beck (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Communication and Bullying (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group).

4. Kumar, R. 2015. Social Media and Civil Society Actions in India. In Axel Bruns et al (ed.) Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics, pp. 259-67 (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group).

5. Kumar, R. 2018. Community Radio for Participative Community Development in Uttarakhand: An Assessment. Communicator, LIII (2), 03-25 (An IIMC, N. Delhi publication).


Completed Major Research Projects:


  • ICSSR sponsored project
  • UGC sponsored project


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Source : Doon University