Dr R N Sharma, Assoc. Prof.

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M. A. (JNU, New Delhi), Ph.D. (Delhi University)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,  Ph: +91-9958301877


Area of Specialization: Chinese History , Politics & Literature

Area of Interest: International Relations , India Since 1947 & Research Methodology

Awards & Honors:

Best five publications:

1. Sharma, R. N., 2009,Emergence of Middle class in China,Third Frame, Academy of Third World Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia,Vol.2, No.4, Oct.-Dec.- 2009

2. Sharma, R. N., 2005,Emerging Trends of interaction and cooperation among India, China and Russia,Contemporary India (Nehru memorial Museum and Library),Oct.-Dec.- 2005

3. Sharma, R. N., 2005, The 16th Party Congress : In Retrospect, Asia Pacific Panorama, June, 2005

4. Sharma, R. N., 2004, A Review of Sino-Indian Relations, Asia Pacific Panorama, Jan, 2004.

5. Sharma, R. N., 2000, A decade of radical ideas in China (1912-1921), Indian Council of Historical Review, Jan, 2000, Vol.XXVII

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