Dr. Eti Sharma, Asst. Professor

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M. A. (Indraprastha University, Delhi), Ph.D. (HNB Garhwal University)

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Area of Specialization: Diaspora Studies, Marginalization, Feminism, Multiculturism, Gender studies

Area of Interest: Romantic Poetry , British Drama, Victorian Novel, Indian Writing in English

Best five publications in last five years:

1. Sharma Eti, 2015. Learning Language: Probing Possibilities in Literature. The ELT Practitioner , II

2. Sharma Eti, 2015. In Constant Quest. Treatment And Reflections Of Culture And Gender In Post Colonial India, 15, 84-85

3. Sharma Eti, 2015.Word is the Only Home : A Critique of Meena Alexander's Poetry. The ELT Practitioner , II

Ongoing Projects:

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Source : Doon University