Dr. Rajnish Dhiman

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M.Sc. (GNDU, Amritsar), Ph.D. (SDU, Odense, Denmark)

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Area of Specialization : Energy Conversion & Storage, Surface Science techniques (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) Materials Synthesis & Characterization techniques, Electrochemical techniques, nanotechnology

Area of Interest :  Development and surface studies of Fuel Cell catalyst support materials, SiC based nanocatalysts for fuel cell supports, Investigation of solid-electrolyte interfaces (SEIs) in Li-air batteries Development of cathode materials for Li-ion and Mg-ion batteries and investigation of SEI

Awards & Honours:

Best Five publications:

1. Rajnish Dhiman, Erik Johnson, Eivind M. Skou, Per Morgen, Shuang M. Andersen, SiCnanocrystals as Pt catalyst supports for fuel cell applications,  Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1, (2013) 6030

2. Rajnish Dhiman, Serban N. Stamatin, Shuang M. Andersen, Per Morgen, Eivind M. Skou, Oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation behaviour of SiC based Ptnanocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells,  Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1, (2013) 15509

3. Serban N. Stamatin, JozsefSpeder, Rajnish Dhiman, Matthias Arenz and Eivind Skou, Electrochemical Stability and Post-Mortem Studies of Pt/SiC catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells,  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, (2015) 6153

4. Rajnish Dhiman, Eric Johnson, Per Morgen, Growth of SiCnanowhiskers from wooden precursors, separation, and characterization,  Ceramics International 37, (2011) 3759

5. Shuang M. Andersen, Rajnish Dhiman, Eivind M. Skou, The Chemistry of Carbon Polymer Composite Electrode - An X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study,  Journal of Power Sources 274, (2015) 1217

Source : Doon University