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Hostel Facilities

Doon University is a State government University. The students are encouraged to stay in the Campus as they will be required to participate in group discussions and attend tutorials after the regular classes are over which will help the student to clarify any doubts in the courses and improve their interpersonal and communication skills. There are separate hostels for girls and boys. The hostels with single accommodation for each student are provided with modern facilities. All students residing in the Hostel are to abide by Hostel and Cafeteria Regulations/Rules. The students are not permitted to keep firearms and music systems. They are also advised not to keep jewellery, camera and heavy cash with them in the Hostel.


Boys HostelBoys Hostel Girls HostelGirls Hostel
Banking facility:

Banking facility with two ATM machines (HDFC and SBI) are available at the Campus. All the students are required to carry their identity cards all the time.


Medical Aid on campus

Adequate medical health facilities are available to students at the Campus.


Extracurricular activities

Outdoor and Indoor Sports Facilities: Every student is encouraged to take active part in at least one outdoor activity. While games, sports and athletics directly contribute to physical development of students, other co-curricular activities also indirectly contribute to it. These activities provide a useful channel for the growth and development of the body. Doon University has set up grounds/courts for Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Long tennis and Badminton.Inter-college sports tournaments are encouraged to develop a spirit of healthy competition.

In order to ensure a sound body and mind, students are given special attention on health and fitness. A modern gym, with all the latest machines and gadgets are set up in both Girl’s and Boy’s hostel.


A hygienic, well-furnished and well-equipped cafeteria is available in the campus to provide food for the staff and students. The cafeteria remains open on all working days and offers an assortment of indian cuisines.

Source : Doon University