Madhurendra Jha, Asst. Professor

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Assistant Professor in Chinese, Department of Chinese Studies, School of Languages

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Brief Bio:

Madhurendra Jha is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chinese Studies, Doon University, India. As a recipient of the ICS-HYI fellowship, he was a visiting fellow at Peking University and Harvard University for the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18 respectively. His areas of interest are Chinese language, literature and culture. He is pursuing his Ph.D. from CCSEAS, Jawaharlal Nehru University under Prof. B.R.Deepak on the works of the Chinese film director Jia Zhangke. He has also been involved with the India-China Translation Program and the SCO translation project, under which he has published Wang Shuo’s 看上去很美 (Looks Beautiful) in Hindi as Dikhne Mein Khoobsurat and Rajinder Singh Bedi’s Ek Chadar Maili Si (Ordained by Fate) in Chinese as 天意注定. His third book, the Hindi translation of Wang Meng’s 青春万岁 (Long Live Youth) is under publication.

Area of Specialization: Chinese Cinema and literary translation. Chinese Language, Literature and Culture.

Area of Interest: Chinese language, literature and culture.

Details of Publications:


1. Bedi, Rajinder Singh. Ek Chadar Maili Si天意注定. Translated by Madhurendra Jha, Sahitya Akademi, 2020. ISBN 978-93-90310-92-0
2. Wang, Shuo. Kan Shang Qu Hen Mei दिखने में खूबसूरत. Translated by Madhurendra Jha, National Book Trust, 2019. ISBN 978-81-237-8730-5

Research Papers:

1. Jha, Madhurendra. “2012年侯‘反叛女性’在流行印地语电影中的兴起”(“The Rise of the ‘Rebel Woman’ in the Post-2012 Popular Hindi Films”). 电影艺术 (Film Art). China Film Press, Vol. 385, March, 2019. ISSN: 0257-0181, Pg. 133-138
2. Jha, Madhurendra. “My Hands Shoot What My Eyes See: Jia Zhangke and the May Fourth Literature.” China and the World Cultural Exchange, Vol. 211, No. 5, May 25, 2016, Supplement 2016, Journal of the China International Cultural Association, Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, ISSN: 1004-5015, Pg. 109-113.
3. Jha, Madhurendra. “设想新的国家:尼赫鲁和毛泽东时代电影对比” (Imagining the Nation: a comparative study of Nehru era and Mao era Cinema) China and the World Cultural Exchange, Vol. 230, Supplement 2015, Journal of the China International Cultural Association, Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, ISSN: 1004-5007, Pg. 50-53.
4. Jha, Madhurendra. “Reinventing the Ballad of Mulan: a Socio- Political- Cultural Analysis of Cinematic Adaptations of the Folksong of Mulan.” Lokratna, Journal of Folklore Foundation, India, Vol. VIII, March 2015, ISSN 2347-6427, Pg. 182-195.
5. Jha, Madhurendra. “Raj Kapoor and his Films: The Confluence of Socialism, Humanism and Eroticism.” eDhvani, University of Hyderabad journal of comparative journal, January, 2013, ISSN 2279- 0209.
6. Sheng, Rong. “India’s Land System: A Revelation to China’s Land System Reform” Trans. Madhurendra Jha. Think India Quarterly. May-July, 2010. New Delhi.

Book Reviews:

1. Jha, Madhurendra. Jia Zhangke 贾樟柯, Wan Jiahuan (ed.) 万佳欢(编). Jiaxiang II, Jia Zhangke’s Notes on Films 2008-2016 <<贾想II, 贾樟柯电影手记2008-2016 >>. Beijing: Tai Hai Chu Ban She. 北京市: 台海出版社, 2018 under New Frontiers of Asian Scholarship, Online Publication of Harvard-Yenching Institute
2. Jha, Madhurendra. Review of Soviet Influence and Chinese Films Produced during the ‘17-year’ Period (苏联影响与中国十七年电影) written by Hong Hong 洪宏. Beijing: Zhongguo Dianying Chubanshe (中国电影出版社), 2008 under New Frontiers of Asian Scholarship, Online Publication of Harvard-Yenching Institute


1. Jha, Madhurendra. “Connecting India and China Through Cinema.” China-India Dialogue September - October 2019. Vol.17 No.5. Print. ISSN: 2096-2614, Pg 60-63.
2. Jha, Madhurendra. “Indian Sinologist: My Romance with Jia Zhangke’s Films.” China Daily 16 July. 2015 Web. 15 Oct. 2018.
3. Jha, Madhurendra. “Indian Public Sees Smiles Instead of Snares on Other Side of Border.” Global Times 13 May. 2014. Print.

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