Mala Shikha, Assistant Professor

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M. A. (JNU, New Delhi), Erasmus Mundus Masters (New University of Lisbon, Portugal; University of Bergamo, Italy and University of Sheffield, UK)

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Area of Specialization: Spanish Language & Literature: Middle Ages and Golden Age, Reception Studies: India in the imagination of Hispanic World

Area of Interest: Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Literature, Culture Studies, Literary Criticism, Translation Studies, Spanish as a Foreign Language

Awards & Honors:

Best five publications in last five years:

1. Shikha, Mala (2013) Understanding context through text: Interrelatedness of Language and Literature, MAGIC 2013, Pg. 46-52, ISBN: 978-93-81583-80-7

Ongoing Projects:

1. Major Research Project on “India in the Imagination of Latin America” sponsored by the ICSSR

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Source : Doon University