Proctorial Board & DSW

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Doon University Proctorial Board

Statute 20 of the Statutes & Regulations 14(3) of the University

As per this statute and regulation, the University has a Central Disciplinary Committee rechristened as Proctorial Board by the 16th Executive Council held on the 16th September 2012 (on the recommendation of 16th Academic Council meeting) where administration of student related matters pertaining to all acts of indiscipline and misconduct are delegated to the Chief Proctor. He/She shall be assisted by the additional proctors; one of the members of the proctorial board shall be a woman and one shall be from SC/ST category. Thus, the Proctorial Board comprises four members.

Members of the Proctorial Board

Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Chief Proctor
Prof. Kusum Arunachalam, Proctor
Sh. Chandrika Kumar, Proctor
Sh. S.K.Dadar, Proctor
Dr. Asha Ram Gairola, Proctor


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Dean Student Welfare (DSW)

Dr. H.C. Purohit, DSW

Members of the Student Welfare Activities Cell

Dr. Vipin Kumar Saini

Ms. Sikha Ahmed

Mr. Chandrika Kumar

Dr. Vikas Sharma

Ms. Aabshar Abbasi

Mr. S.K. Dadar

Dr. Prachi Pathak

Source : Doon University