Swagata Kumar Basu, Assistant Professor

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M. A. (JNU, New Delhi), M. Phil. (JNU, New Delhi), Ph.D. (pursuing from JNU)

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Area of Specialization: Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture, Immigration in Spanish Cinema, Language Policy and Minority Integration

Area of Interest: Migration Studies, Identity Issues, Nationalism, Response to Modernity in India and Spain, Language Policy

Awards & Honors:

Best five publications in last five years:

1. Basu, Swagata (2017) “Quijotismo en Santa Teresa and Mysticism from Modern Perspective” in Lo divino y lo humano: poetas místicos de India y de España en la modernidad temprana Eds. Meenakshi Sundrial and Juan Manuel Escudero Baztán. Pgs.147-157. (Conference Proceedings) ISBN. 181-901849-9-7

2. Basu, Swagata Kumar (2017) “Ideas on Nationalism in Tagore and Unamuno: A comparative Study” in Tagore and Nationalism Ed. K. L. Tuteja and Kaustav Chakraborty. Springer Nature. Pg. 285-297. ISBN. 978-81-322-3695-5

3. Basu, Swagata (2016) “Should those graves be dug up? Debates over historical Memory in Contemporary Spain”. Hispanic Horizon (Journal of CSPILAS, JNU). No. 33. 2016. Pg. 33-41. ISSN: 0970-7522

4. Basu, Swagata (2013) “Mahi’s overweight body and her desire for a prince charming: An assessment of the de-stereotyping efforts in and the reception of the TV show ‘Mahi Way’” in De-stereotyping Indian Body and Desire Ed. Kaustav Chakraborty. Camdridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne. 2013. Pg. 135-148. ISBN: 978-1-4438-5253-1

5. Basu, Swagata (2012) “‘I’ am made by my ‘Other’: Migration, ‘Others’ and Identity in contemporary Spanish novels”. Problematics on Ethnicity, Identity & Literature (ISEIL-2012). Ed. Anooradha Chakrabarty Barua & Hemanta Kr. Nath. The Sibsagar College, Joysagar, Assam 2012. Pg.20-25. ISBN: 978-81-924140-5-8

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